Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mind Mapping Workshop -- OH YEAH!

I sat down at the Round Table, colored pencils in-hand, and let Sterling guide me toward organizing my mental landscape Mind Map style... Words came first - bits of words actually, recognizable bits... Sterling quickly explained that old code bubbles up directly. He urged us to think past the word into the symbolic - shapes, colors, textures... I fumbled around, drawing clumsy images that I threw onto the page blankly. Rudely. Trying to navigate my own slimy seas... then came a tap on my subtle bodies shoulder. A familiar tap of cherry goodness, and suddenly I knew what I had to do. I grabbed at my colors and began drawing my totem... The Kool Aid Man - OH YEAH! Breaking down the walls to deliver refreshment to the masses. Good on sno-cones too!
My barriers had been destroyed and I spent the rest of the workshop totally in the Flow. I learned several techniques that I will be able to use to organize different aspects of my life, and I had a super fun time.
Thanks for the insights Sterling, maybe we can do it again someday...


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