Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy SiriusFnord Day

Ty Cobb's closing show was sweet... awesome conversation, food, and music... Kirk made these crazy spiced pears, yogi tea, ginger cake, and zoom-zoom cheesecake.... all in the super potent kirk-style... Bless that man... cha cha
Ty Cobb, that shape-shifting bastard, baby sat us all night long with swirling beats and strange Snoop Dog samples...
and brownies...
My face still hurts from smiling...
Sterling Hart will be setting up his mind-map show on Thursday 6APR6... This is a special treat, so don't miss a moment..
I will post pictures asap...
I reference to SiriusFnord Day, I can only quote the Mighty Galactic Phil Collins, "Lick my plate..."


Blogger keepitkiller said...

lick MY plate, be-otch

4:06 PM  

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