Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mind Mapping Workshop 29 APR 06 5-7 PM

There will be a Mind Mapping class at the Alchemists Guild on the 29th of April as part of Sterling Hart's art show...
This is a crazy cool opportunity, so don't miss out...
Here is what Sterling has to say...

Mind Mapping Workshop

29 April Saturday 5-7pm

Mind mapping is a technique for organizing large amounts of information in a visual format.
It is easier to remember an image then it is to memorize a text.
Useful for any endeavor several kinds of formats will be worked with.
We will cover guidelines that will improve your maps, and exercises to use mind mapping for greater self awareness.
Don't just think, bring in the artistic side of the brain and integrate the two!

$25 Dollars, bring notepad and colored pencils or pens.


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