Monday, February 20, 2006

Amulets of Power for sale

These amulets are made by Kevin von Behren (glass blower), Courtney Jones (massage and reiki therapist) and Lily Michaud, using a combination of hand-blown glass, mantras, color, herbs, stones, and essential oils--the cords are made from hemp and colored threads. These amulets are designed to increase positive energy and decrease negative energy. We would be happy to create something for your specific needs--for now the easiest way to do this is to email your request to us:

The following amulets are designed to increase the power of the elements within the wearer. They also offer protection so that the increase will not result in an imbalance. The amulets can be used as your intuition guides you. One suggestion for use is to wear the amulet for one month. Each day take 10-20 minutes to meditate silently. At the beginning of your meditation focus on drawing the energy in the amulet and of the element in to your being. Think of what your are trying to acheive, using the terms that spring to your mind instantly, focus on this idea briefly. Spend the rest of the time in a quiet mental state, returning to your center. When the month is completed, return the herbs to the earth (you may wish to put them in your potting soil for a new plant, or in your garden). Either return the stone(s) to the earth as well, pass them on to someone in need, or recharge the stones by placing them in the sunlight for a day or so. If you wish to keep wearing your amulet, you may wish to fill it with similar herbs and stones, or other objects of power that encourage the energy your are building. Enjoy!

The filled beads are between 2 and 3.5 inches long.
EARTH: Hematite, comfrey, horsetail, hops, licorice, and frankincense oil.
$30 SOLD

We are all sold out right now, but we do make custom amulets. Let us know the particular energies you are trying to invoke and/or problems you are trying to resolve, be detailed. $30/each plus S&H. Email: with questions.


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