Friday, February 03, 2006

Magic Wands for Sale

Each magic wand is 10-14" long and made from high density, fully annealed, borosilicate glass...
Each comes with a matching custom handmade bag and card detailing use of wand - including power word(s)...
$10 shipping per order...

Wand of Abundance 2 This wand is very powerful and can be used for the benefit of many different systems... Local, regional, and global... The power words are very old and have been used by many powerful people over generations... Translated: "Let everyone be happy. Let everyone be healthy. Let everyone see good fortune and never be filled with suffering." $70

Wand of Abundance 3 Number three in an abundance series of four... The fiery blast cleans out the scene and what is left can stretch out... This wand works in the 3rd Chakra where our patterns can become so overlapped and sticky that we get caught in the web of material and lose our perspective... The Fire in this wand is so powerful that even the tightest knots or the most complicated tangles can be burned away, leaving space for the new, more integrated, patterns to grow $70

Wand of Abundance 4 Number four in an abundance series of four... This magic wand is about creating space to let abundance into your life... It is an airy wand used to focus thoughts in that direction... if your a thinker-abouter this ones for you... Super nice lily bag too... $70...

Wand of Debauch The idea came from the 7 of cups card in the Crowley deck... there are times when we long for the bliss of being a child in our mother's arms... when this longing does not inspire one to further development, but rather to a regression into childish modes of behavior and concepts, it is then that the poisonous waters threaten to consume everything that is not truly grounded.... this wand is for stirring the emotional waters so they do not stagnate... Don't worry, I added a bit of protection so the yucky is not re-absorbed... $70

Wand of Abundance 1 .. I used a Laksmi mantra and a bit of sunrise juice to create this potent piece of cha cha... This wand works with the Abundance from the Heart area, giving a more integrated perspective to the material - like the sun rising... KeepitKiller Lily made the beautiful bag... $70 SOLD


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