Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summoning Eris for Fun and Magick by Zin Zin Bodieo

Mystics, Magickians, and brain-change technicians alike employ ritual to invoke the archetypal mind(which is simply the art of tuning into those "cosmic" signals we normally edit) and to expose and make accessible our power source - the potential energy of Chaos. We enter a "non-local" state where our definitions of reality, our masks of personality, temporarily fall away. Who we believe we are at any given moment is always fiction, for we are another thing a moment later; or as W.B. Yeats implied we cannot "know the dancer from the dance." Eris aids in dissolving the protective circle of self-concept by scrambling our programs, confusing us, and ferrying us into the space of No-Form, the lap of Chaos: Hence, we find ourselves in reach of magickal power, in a state of trance, ready to dance a new reality for ourselves. As William Burroughs astutely commented, "escape routes open in times of chaos."
Emptied of prior definition and highly impressionable, we use whatever means or rituals we choose to change the station to a reality more in accord with our will, or create a wholly new one. Brain-change technicians are meta-programmers who dance through dozens of virtual realities. We re-program ourselves, clothing ourselves with new belief systems or realities as creatively and as often AS WE WILL. (As I see it, the more often we change, the faster we evolve.)
As we commit ourselves to a practice of magickal crucifictions, moving through processes of dis-identification and redefinition of our perceived selves and realities, our normal reality changes to a magickal reality, and we soon re-cognize that we are no-thing, everything, and something. The WoMan who practices the art of reality shaping understand what Hassan I Sabbah meant when he said the "Nothing is true, everything is permissible."

Formal ritual performed in this concept-free state, whether Crowley-style invocations or a Catholic Exorcism, has a high success rate, evoking or invoking what spirits, angels, demons, gods, goddesses, in the form and style you expect, and as you will. Plugged into the source of your power - the Chaotic Pool of Potentia - you may wish to employ your concentrated will and imagination, thereby utilizing this force to "charge" your magickal tools, talisman, and amulets, or to project your desire into the Cornucopian Womb of the Universe.
The will is very effective when applied in the dimension of potential (Chaos), more so, I think, than when applied to the denser astral of physical planes, where it can be refracted by opposing wills or sabotaged by your own re-actionary mental processes. YOUR MAGICK WILL WORK, so be certain that you want that which you will. Also, it helps to have some sort of symbol of your desire at hand to concentrate upon or verbalize - a word or mental image will do (but Kevin will make you a cool artifact if desired)- so you won't need to regain "normal" consciousness in order to remember the purpose of your ritual.

Coming Soon... Pt3 How Shall I Invoke Thee? Many and Joyful are the Ways.


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Have your already seen KAOS magazine?


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Thanks for the link... I think everyone interested should download a free issue or two...


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